Emergency Must Have Gifts

Imagine that you were at home enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon with your family and suddenly without warning you were told that you had minutes in which to leave your house, belongings and all that you know behind.....


“When we fled our home, we left all that we had. Now we are crying for being hungry.”  13-year-old Shashira and her family had to flee their home in Goma (in the Democratic Republic of Congo) when violence broke out from rebel army troops.


When we met Shashira in a camp for displaced people, she had not eaten for three days. She was hungry, scared and crying. Her parents were tragically killed as they tried to escape Goma. There are around 140,000 displaced Congolese who are currently living in displaced camp as unrest continues in Goma.


Emergency Must Have Gifts help us respond in DR Congo


When disaster strikes, a fast and rapid response can save lives, it’s not just every day that counts – it’s every minute.  Emergency Must Have Gifts allow us to purchase and preposition vital supplies, so we can reach children like Shashira even quicker when disaster or conflict strikes.


Thanks to Emergency Must Have Gifts bought over the last year, we have been able to reach families in DR Congo with blankets, water containers, mosquito nets and hygiene kits. These items are available to purchase from Must Have Gifts today, helping us to respond quicker to the Emergencies of tomorrow.


In a brief moment, Shashira’s world was turned completely upside down. But for now she is safe in a Child Friendly Space created by World Vision. We have been able to help 13,720 displaced children affected by conflict in DR Congo to date. Emergency Must Have Gifts include a safe space for children, where children can continue to learn and play in safety. The simple gift of a blanket can provide warmth and protection from the elements when a child has lost everything. Water containers can give families a way to store safe water when they need it most.


Emergency Must Have Gifts don’t just sit on shelves; they save lives!