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A goat


Gift Code: 14GO

Zimbabwe: Your gift of a goat is not only a source of food but an investment for a family and their wider community. It will provide milk and meat for a family, and an income from breeding and selling goats in the longer term.
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The idea that you can ‘buy a goat for charity’ has been around for a while and is probably one of the most well known charity gifts we offer. There is something that catches the imagination to know that someone will be receiving a goat when the gift recipient here unwraps their present!

There are plenty of people who would like to receive a present like this, but we have some ideas about who it might be especially suitable for:

  • Vets and veterinary nurses or anyone who works with animals
  • Farmers and people who work with the land
  • Pet lovers – including children who would like an unusual pet like a goat themselves!

Adult goats are often the start of a livestock business as they can be bred. Female goats are a source of milk, yoghurt and cheese.

If you are interested in giving someone a baby goat, have a look at our kid goat charity gift.

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