Nour, left wants to be an electrical engineer so she can help rebuild Syria, World Vision 2018

2-year electrician's course for a young woman

This amazing gift provides 2 years of course fees, board in a hostel and a food allowance.

A 2-year electrician’s course for a young woman will completely transform the life of its recipient, giving a vulnerable young woman an incredible start in life and providing her with a reliable job and stable income. This will help young women to become more empowered and independant, enabling them to support their families.

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The Gift Is Real

The benefit is real
A real child is benefitting because their community has been given the ‘must have’ help they needed

The price is real
It has been calculated from actual costs to provide the best and most effective support

The change is real
Your purchase will enable us to continue providing vital help for those most in need. Your gift will make a real and lasting difference for children in need – promising them hope for a brighter and happier future.