A charity gift is a great idea, even for people who are hard to buy for.

gift ideas for the whole family

That's because:

  • There is a wide range of gifts and price levels
  • There are gifts for individuals and for groups
  • There are gifts that relate to different jobs, such as teaching, medicine, business and farming
  • It will never end up gathering dust on a shelf
  • There are gifts suitable for all ages
  • The gifts relate to everyday life situations, which we can all relate to
  • All of these gifts are real and go to those who need them 

And of course:

  • It's a gift that gives to more than one person

Below we have some specific ideas for different special occasions to help inspire you when you are looking for gift ideas.


Charity Christmas Gifts

Christmas comes once a year, but giving one of these gifts helps to keep the spirit alive for the rest of the year too. At this time of the year, when we are sharing warmth with family and friends, why not give a gift that will keep vulnerable people sheltered and warm, like a blanket?

Charity Gifts for Teachers

When you can give a gift like building a new school roof, providing school dinners for children, school materials or reading lessons, teachers are spoiled for choice! Say thank you at the end of term or here.

Charity Mother's Day Gifts

Show Mum how much you care by buying a gift that relates to her, and sharing the joy of this family celebrations with children around the world. Suggested  gifts include birth certificates or mother and baby care.

Charity Father's Day Gifts

Dads can be really hard to buy for so why not give him something a little bit more exciting than socks this year? Choose a gift that relates to his job or a favourite hobby and put a smile on more than one person's face.

Charity Gifts for Groups

If you are looking for a fundraising project for your community group or you are interested in giving a gift for coporate philanthropy, we have a number of larger gifts that might be suitable, from setting up emergency school tents for disaster-struck areas, to building new rooves for clinics.

Charity Gifts for Easter

While Easter bunnies and egg hunts are always fun, giving a gift that helps people around the world is a meaningful way to mark this time of year.  Why not give the popular gift of chickens to farmers in need, or provide nutrition boosting peanut paste that can treat the symptoms of malnourishment, while we enjoy our crispy sugar coated chocolate treats?