Choose a Charity Gift this Christmas

World Vision offers a seasonal gift of hope to children around the world.

Christmas is the perfect time to make a wonderful charitable gift, spreading your love to those in need.

So why not choose a unique charity gift for Christmas this year? Then dedicate your gift to your loved ones - picking out a special card.

MustHaveGifts picks out three popular Christmas presents you could consider:


Self-defence Classes for an Adolescent Girl

3 months of self-defence classes for an adolescent girl will allow her to become more confident, fit and healthy, and able to defend herself if she ever enters a comprising situation. By donating this gift, you can empower young girls to feel more safe and secure.


Mother's Kit

Mother's kits are distributed to pregnant women before birth. Each donation gift contains essentials items that a woman will need during delivery. This alternative charity gift will provide safety and security to mothers.


Books for an After School Reading Club

This gift will help children around the world to learn to read. By gifting books, you can help sponsor a child through their time in education.



Charity gifts for Christmas

Must Have Gifts make a real difference in the lives of children all across the world. They make for a unique present.

So why not select a solar lamp, give a family a goat or supply some essential medication this Christmas.

To see the full range and pick out the perfect charity Christmas gift for your recipient, please visit the All Gifts page.

Don't wait until the last minute. Choose your Must Have Gift for Charity today!