Must Have Gifts for Groups & Corporate Philanthropy

Charity gifts for groupsWhy not club together as a group to give or fundraise to buy our larger gifts that have to make an even bigger difference? Families, colleagues, businesses, youth groups and churches are just some of the groups that have enjoyed giving Must Have Gifts.

See our larger gifts here or check out our bundles: groups of gifts that add up to meet the urgent needs of a specific community, such as child labourers in Pakistan, or children affected by emergencies.

Your group will receive a Gift Certificate showing exactly what your money have achieved, and how it is making a difference. This way, everyone knows they have done something real to help some of the world’s poorest children. If you'd like additional certifcates to share with a group, just let us know. We love to celebrate the impact of each and every gift. 

So why not:

Choose a Must Have Gift and club together with friends, family or colleagues to share one?  If your company regularly raises funds for charity or makes an annual donation through corporate philanthropy, why not choose to make a real impact on the communities who need your help? By joining together to give a charity gift you could build a new classroom, install clean water for a village or donate a new roof for a clinic.

Fundraise as a group to purchase a gift?  Sponsored walks, bake sales, tombolas, jumble sales . . . there are lots of ways to raise funds whilst also spreading the word about Must Have Gifts.

For more guidance on this and creative fundraising ideas, call Charlotte Tipping on 01908 244 417 or email her on

To make sure your Must Have Gift’s arrives in time for Christmas, please keep the last Christmas posting date handy so you don't miss out. Monday 17th December.