Charity Gifts for Teachers

Presents to Help Children Get an Education

IMAGE: Gifts for teachers

It's time to thank special teachers, lunchtime supervisors and classroom assistants for all their help and hard work throughout the year. Favourite teachers everywhere will be inundated with chocolates and smellies - the usual suspects!

Isn't there a better way to say 'thank you'? How about a Must Have Gift?  Millions of children still miss out on school because of poverty. But you can make a real difference. From stationery to scholarships, school dinners to books, these simple charity gifts for teachers bring learning to some of the world's hardest places.How better to thank someone who cares?

It’s also the season for exams and graduations. All the hard work is over and new beginnings abound! Celebrate the success of someone who’s made you proud with the gifts that help build a brighter future. It's the perfect way to share success, creating real opportunities for children who most desperately need them.  Celebrate exam results and graduation with gifts that help build a better world.  

Say 'thank you' and 'well done' with these special Must Have Gifts! 


Top present ideas for teachers

To make sure your Must Have Gift’s arrives in time for Christmas, please keep the last Christmas posting date handy so you don't miss out. Monday 17th December.